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Most of the 740,000 new jobs Washington State will see in the next five years will require some kind of postsecondary credential, but not necessarily a traditional four-year degree.*  Many high-tech industries value specialized certificates, industry certifications or professional-technical associate degrees.  Meanwhile, too many young Washingtonians enter college with the goal of a four-year degree and no idea of how they want to use it.  An even larger percentage do not pursue, or have the access to pursue, a postsecondary credential at all.


Career connected learning opportunities are an essential part of building a pathway to fulfilling, sustainable careers.  We believe these experiences should start early in life, be richly diverse, and easily accessible.  By connecting students with employers and working professionals, students can explore industries and professions that already interest them and learn about jobs they hadn’t imagined were out there.  


We work to provide opportunities for our region’s students to connect with local STEM businesses and professionals through job shadowing, worksite tours, job fairs, STEM competitions, guest speakers, internships, apprenticeships, mentoring and more.  Our goal is to ensure that every young adult in Washington will have multiple pathways toward economic self-sufficiency and fulfilment.


Career Connect Washington website

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