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Quiz yourself and learn about STEM careers on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

What STEM career best suits you? Explore them all through fun, interactive online tools. 

Find a career that matches the things you like to do!  Hint: it’s a test, but you won’t be graded!)

How much money do you need to support the lifestyle you want?  Take the “Reality Check” Quiz. 

Generation Beyond - RESOURCES: 

Lockheed Martin partnered with Discovery Education to help prepare and inspire this generation to reach new heights. Website includes space flight simulator, family activities, Hello Mars weather app, and more!

video from the White House, in which Energy Secretary Steven Chu and business leaders discuss how individuals are shaping the world we live in.

Where a STEM Education Can Take You

Follow the path from school to the workplace to see what sticking with STEM will do for a career. 


This student association opens up learning opportunities, networking with like-minded kids, competitions, and more for middle and high school students.

This website helps engage young women in the world of engineering.

Kids and adults alike will love his short videos showing how everyday things work. He tears things apart and discusses what is happening inside. 

Featuring young women scientists and engineers who wowed the President, this video shines a spotlight on their exciting projects -- ranging from a machine that detects buried landmines to a lunchbox that uses UV light to kill bacteria on food.


This video shows students that focusing on STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) can dramatically expand career opportunities and be cool too.

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