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STEM Cafés


​February 3, 2018 - Full-Day NASA Workshops 
January 2018 - Cybersecurity & Computer Science


November  2017 - Coding and Beyond
October 2017 - Marine Science/ROV
May 2017 - Astronomy and Aerospace
March 2017 - Building Bridges


January 2015 - STEM Café
Engineering & Architecture - high-performance buildings and smart 


November 2014 - An Hour of Code: A One-Hour Course Demystifying Computer Science
April 2014 - Olympic College/Washington State University Engineering Lab Open House
February 13, 2014  -  Pacific Planetarium, Bremerton:  Networking and WSSN update event


November 17, 2013 -  Earthquake Hazards of the Olympic Peninsula: Plate Boundary Observatory at UNAVC

Our Network Teams


West Sound STEM Network members commit to actively supporting Network goals in myriad ways.  Each member has a unique set of skills, abilities and resources to share.  One very effective way to ensure attainment of Network goals is participation on one of the WSSN Teams.  As members and teammates, we believe:

  • Working cooperatively and collaboratively strengthens the implementation of STEM innovations, ensuring the inclusion of a variety of perspectives.

  • A network creates a foundation for working together to maximize the equitable use of existing resources, and leverage efforts to garner more resources.

  • A network can generate priorities and consolidate initiatives to marshal resources to promote highly effective STEM opportunities.

  • A network provides a two-way communication conduit between the STEM network members and the community.

  • A network is most useful when it can fulfill emerging needs and adapt to changes enhancing the sustainability of STEM initiatives.


Each of the Network’s Teams utilize these beliefs to guide their work as they work to fulfill their Team’s mission.


Leadership Team

Senior leaders from each Network member organization come together to co-create Network vision and purpose as a Leadership Team. Current news, issues, initiatives and ideas are examined and transformed into vision and purpose for Network activities.  


Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership team consists of individuals whose decisions and leadership have enabled the network and participants to move forward on Network initiatives. Senior leaders provide guidance and oversight on implementation of the West Sound STEM Network Business Plan, including setting priorities, monitoring progress, and making resource allocation decisions. They also provide the necessary leadership to expand plans as new opportunities arise.


The Senior Leadership Team positions include a senior leader from each of the network member agencies.

STEM Implementation Team


The STEM Implementation Team is tasked with drafting a yearly strategic plan, implementing and operationalizing the plan, and providing quarterly updates to the Senior Leadership Team.

The Team is comprised of committed individuals from education and industry.  Working members include:


  • West Sound STEM staff

  • Representatives from each of the Network’s school districts and the West Sound CTE Directors

  • Olympic College Advising and Workforce Development

  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

  • One representative from Network member STEM businesses or community-based organizations who wish to join the Team


Their work supports the ideas and initiatives of the numerous partners who participate in Network activities.  The Implementation Team unifies members in a collective impact model to coordinate local efforts—effectively bringing partners together to work on a united vision designed to complement, not compete, with current programs.  The synergy created helps grow partners' programs as well as create a framework for the entire Network to scale up to meet the needs of all students.

Our Partners




WA STEM Networks



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